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Bunky Books are a new type of children's book that have guidance quotes on each illustrated page along with very fun and creative adventure stories. They were written to teach children things they won't learn in school. Todays' world can be stressful and complicated and kids need to know they are valuable, powerful beings and that it is up to them to learn to create their lives. The books all deal with the value of nature, friends, ones' self-esteem and responsibility for designing their lives.

These are beautiful, colorful and healing books that make great gifts. Great for ages 3-11 years.

Please check out our prints that are available as limited editions, personalized or posters. The limited editions are remarked with gold and glitter by the artist and are an amazing value for only $39.95. The posters are only $19.99. They measure 13" x 15" and come in their own tube. They also make great gifts.

 There are free paper dolls, and you can listen to the stories for free under the music link.

 Become an affiliate and receive 25% of all sales that come from your affilation.  Please  help me get my messages out to our kids.  Together we can help them grow up with self esteem.

Our messages teach a mindset to help kids 'power-up', understand their value and find their passion and place in the world.

And for you Art Lovers...check out the art.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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